Wilesco D310 Foden SWB Steam Lorry ‘Might Atom’


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D310 was added to the Wilesco product line in 2013. It is an accurate reproduction of a Foden steam lorry in preservation in the UK, which also carries the name “Mighty Atom”. Foden produced steam-driven lorries between 1896 and 1930, all of which had a payload of over 3 tons.

The intricate spoke wheels, wooden flatbed, and gold-printed cab are just some of the features of this beautiful model. The D310’s chassis is marked with the Wilesco logo and model designation.

For a powerful drive of the Foden truck, the boiler housing and the boiler, cylinder, piston, and steam lines of the D405 are installed in this model. These components were specifically painted black for the Mighty Atom. The steam truck’s flywheel has a diameter of 55 mm. The two-speed belt drive of the truck acts on the rear axle.

The vehicle is delivered fully assembled, making it ready to use immediately and controllable via the steering wheel.

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Weight 2.265 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15.5 × 20 cm