Wilesco D375 Steam Roller ‘Old Smoky’ Kit


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Wilesco have been producing the Old Smoky steam roller in this form since the mid-1960s, it was the first mobile steam engine model in the Wilesco program.

The colour scheme of ‘Old Smoky’ has not changed since the 60s!

Walkway, chain steering and transmission coupling are standard details of our Old Smoky. The coupling – operated by a rod to the left of the cab – enables the steam roller to also be used as a stationary steam engine. The Old Smoky with its 230cc boiler is powerful enough to pull accessories in mobile operation and drive models in stationary operation. The aluminium roller wheels of this steam roller are anodized and painted.

Our Wilesco steam roller D365 is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Because the Wilesco D365 has a flywheel that can be started in both directions, it can drive forwards and backwards, and the steering is controlled by a steering chain. During operation, the steam roller’s chimney smokes realistically. The running time with a charge of original Witabs dry fuel is approximately 15 minutes. When using other dry fuel brands, the running time may be slightly less.

With this kit, you will experience first-hand how steam engines are constructed and work step by step to combine all the individual parts. The kit can also be assembled by inexperienced steam engine enthusiasts, thanks to the detailed, richly illustrated assembly manual. The approximate time required to assemble the steam roller is three to four hours. All individual parts of the steam tractor have been subjected to a careful quality control before leaving the steam engine factory.

The Old Smoky is a beautiful and highly recommended souvenir of old times for all steam engine fans. This steam engine is delivered in kit form with full instructions to assemble it into a working live steam engine!

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